PPT Water

PPT Water

PPTI Global Water

Companies and philanthropists can order PPT water and aid tree planting

Our water is designed to encourage and support tree planting globally.

Our water is available in three flavors, pears, lemon and still water.



Every money go to planting trees, locally, in Uganda and Rwanda.

Please order PPT water

or send sms Tele; +46 705787972
Remember to panta/recycle your can/bottle TOGETHER with us. You can recycle and
Planta panta tree international
Thank you!


Water is life. Trees are a part of this incredible life circle, the very essence of life on our earth. We live and breath because of trees and their role in mitigating climate change. Buy ppt water and help plant more trees.

Help us with funding tree planting

This is a document for companies who wants to help us with funding tree planting.

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