PPT Water

PPT Water

PPTI Global Water

Companies and philanthropists can order PPT water and aid tree planting

Our water is designed to encourage and support tree planting globally.

Our water is available in three flavors, pears, lemon and still water.


Every money go to planting trees, locally, in Uganda and Rwanda.

Order PPT water

or send sms Tele; +46 705787972
Panta/recycle your can/bottle TOGETHER with us. You can recycle and


We can also bring our panta mera boxes to your school or office and collect them when they are full. Email me or call;

or send SMS Tele; +46 705787972


Kangen water

Tony Blom introduced to us Sanna Scholander who began to teach and tell us her testimony about Kangen water. We tried the water ourselves and noticed a really good difference in our bodies. Because PPT considers the whole circle of the tree which includes cleaning the air and water, we felt obliged to try this out. We had a campaign where we together raised 1880 KR because what costs, in this case, is the machine but the water is supposed to be free.

Our journey of fundraising continues. We hope we can at one time afford this machine and will have Kangen energized water. Thank you Tony and Sanna!

And thank you all friends who contributed. We also encourage more to contribute just 10 KR so we can own this and grow to feel better together.