PPTI Sweden

PPTI Sweden


Our vision is to provide awareness about the value of trees, encourage the use of modern afro-forestry techniques for food production, provide informed alternatives related to consumption patterns, reducing carbon emission and combating climate change.

PPTI members and guests attend first agro-forestry conference in Göteborg (Sweden) November 13 -15, 2015


Every donation to PPTI has a profound impact on the ecosystem where planta panta tree program is active. Tree planting in Sweden is more cost-efficient than in any other regions and country's , meaning that your ideas and goals from Sweden can further work towards the upkeep and protection of new forests. Donate today to fight for new PPTI projects and activites in Sweden!

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PPTI Sweden at Blåtället Angered

These were our visit at blåstället.
We thank the organisers at blåstället. We will also be working together with them.
We are grateful.
Sarah Mubiru

Planta panta tree Sweden at Rymdtorget planting fruit trees together with the children.