What we do

What we do

We plant trees and encourage forest conservation by continuously causing awareness, educating and encouraging community participation to engage in activities that mitigate global climate change.

Our proven solution for global warming has been to plant more trees while preserving existing forests. Trees have the ability to sequestrate carbon from the atmosphere thereby reducing carbon emission which is one of the gases that affect the ozone layer. We fund this effort through recycling (PANTA) of plastic bottles and aluminium cans, believing that cleaning the surroundings to plant trees is a win-win for both the environment and combating climate change.

We currently are involved in projects around the equator and northern Europe, but we have a long term plan of a global reach.

Earth is a very special planet and its importance and need of trees for its survival cannot be underestimated.


Our vision is to plant trees and to inform, remind and educate communities about the importance and urgency of planting trees for climate change mitigation and ultimately for the survival of mankind.


Our mission is to be a leading organisation to combat climate change by providing awareness about the value of trees .


To educate children, individuals, communities and ultimately to build a global awareness about the importance and urgency of planting and conservation of trees.

Inculcate a culture in children through hands-on and teaching examples to successfully build a mindframe that understands contemporary environmental challenges and the solutions thereof.

Remind everyone the importance of trees, and how afforestation and reforestation is one way to mend and heal our planet for coming generations from harmful effects of climate change. Future generation needs clean air to breath and fresh water to drink.

Our motto a can/bottle is a potential tree.
Our ratio is 1:4, meaning for every cut tree, plant four in its stead.

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Organization name PPTI

PPTI Swedish Bank
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